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Power Power-Only services complete with tractor and driver throughout the State of Florida
Steel We’ve continually met the transportation needs of major steel haulers, steel processors and other industrial companies
Commercial Storage We at BOS are excited to introduce our new 12,000 sq ft commercial storage unit. Available to store immediately any dry materials such as, pallets, tile, marble, carpet, wood flooring, and any household goods. Our commercial storage unit is fully insured and is equipped with a first-rate 24 hour security system
Loading & Unloading Are you ever worried about how you will load and unload your containers? Look no further, BOS Transportation is now offering this service to you.  Not only will we load and unload your containers, but as part of this offer we will pack and ship your materials worldwide.

Your delivery solution !

BOS Is Absolutely Committed to Exceeding Your Transportation Expectations.
We continue to build on our tradition of reliable, personalized transportation services for our transportation customers. Let us exceed your expectations.

Contact us today, let us meet your transportation needs!

Florida Destinations

We cover all of the state of Florida


Delivery 7 days a week

Piggy Back Forklift

Available in all our trucks

Bos Transportation

5680 NW 32nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33142

Phones :

Fax:: 305-882-8806


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